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How To Take Control Of Your Finances By Utilizing A Budget Planner Book

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Do you look at your financial situation and wonder how you are going to get it under control? Do you ever wonder where your money is going and why you never seem to have enough at the end of the month?

You’re not alone!

Managing money is very difficult for a lot of people. Being able to utilize a tool as simple as a budget planner book can help anyone get on track and get their finances back under control.

This is the first step in learning ways to save and manage your money.

What Should Be Included In A Budget Planner Book?

No matter what type of budget planner book you are using, there should be some basic features included in all of them.

A budget book should include a place to track the following:

  • income
  • monthly bills
  • expenses
  • debt
  • savings

Some other additional features and bonuses you may possibly find could include:

  • goal tracker
  • to-do list
  • money envelopes
  • stickers
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What Are 3 Basic Budget Categories?

  • fixed expenses
  • variable expenses
  • non-essential expenses

Fixed Expenses

Fixed expenses include the monthly costs that don’t change. They are the same amount every month and truly allow you to stick to your monthly budget because there is no variation.

The most common fixed expenses people carry every month include:

  • mortgage/rent
  • insurances
  • car payment
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Variable Expenses

Variables expenses change every month. Utilities tend to be the most common. These are necessary costs that are based on the usuage of a specific service or the purchase of products.

Some of the most common variable expenses people have include:

  • water bill
  • electric bill
  • grocery expenses

Non-Essential Expenses

These are monthly costs that you can do without. They are luxury expenses and getting rid of these is a great way to start saving money fast.

When you have a budget, some things need to go. This allows a huge opportunity to save money when you start cancelling the non-essential monthly expenses.

Some examples of non-essential expenses include:

  • magazine subscriptions
  • manicures and pedicures
  • dining out/happy hour
  • streaming services
  • gym membership

Look at your finances. Even though you may not want to, is there anything that you could give you? Or maybe should give up?

These surprisingly can add up quickly and eliminating them can put a good chunk of change back in your bank account.

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How Do You Use A Budget Planner?

Using an expense tracker is quite easy once you can get yourself in the habit of writing everything down on a regular basis.

This will take some practice but once you get the hang of it, you’ll truly appreciate having those numbers readily available.

You simply are writing down all of your monthly expenses in order to track your spending habits. A lot of money can be saved when you are aware of what comes in and what goes out.

I’m sure you will be shocked at some of the things you are wasting money on once it’s written down right in front of you and easy to see.

Unfortunately, credit cards make it easier to forget a lot of things that we are wasting our money on. I’d suggest looking at your credit card statements to find all the hidden costs you carry each month.

The upside to using a budget planner book is the ability to keep track of long-term goals. You can verify whether your savings strategy is working and if you’re staying within your budget.

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What Are Money Envelopes?

Money envelopes, or cash envelopes, are used to set aside cash in order to meet the financial thresholds you have set for your financial situation.

Many people don’t have self-control when the money is in their checking account so the cash envelopes work best for them. If they set money aside without having the ease of use of their debit card, they tend to be much more successful at meeting their financial goals.

This is a way to keep you from overspending in certain areas such as the non-essential expenses category.

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What Is The Best Budget Planner Book or Cash Envelope System?

Here are my top budget planners and money envelopes and why I think they are great for anyone to use. I like the use of money envelopes as well because not everyone needs to track every expense to reach financial success.

Some people just need to be able to set the money aside to keep their spouse or significant other from spending it.

Click on each one to see all the features available. Each one has its pros and cons and only you know which one will work best for you and help you reach your financial goals.

1. Multi-Colored Money Envelopes

I love these money envelopes because of their durability, ease of use, and super bright and fun prints. They come with labels for you to easily customize each envelope, budget sheets, and a pocket wallet to easily store away.

All these are great options if you are looking to straighten out your finances and start working towards meeting your financial goals.

2. Yoption Cash Envelopes

These are always a great choice. This is a 32-piece set that has a variety of design options to suit all personal tastes.

Not only do you get the envelopes, but you get the tracker sheets, labels, and the storage box to store them away safely. These are the perfect way to help you manage your money.

3. Erin Condren Petite Planner Budget Book

I’m a huge fan of Erin Condren planner books. Not only do they keep you super organized, but are so much more fun when using brightly colored pens and stickers too.

She also has an array of planners to help keep you organized outside of a budget planner book.

4. Clever Fox Budget Planner Book

What I love about the Clever Fox budgeting book is that it has no dates. This makes it easy for you to buy and start using it when you’re ready.

It also allows you to review your spending habits, savings and help create goals for the months to come.

5. Clever Fox Budget Planner Pro

The Clever Fox Budget Planner Pro has more to offer. Along with all the features of the Clever Fox Budget Book, it’s larger in size, has more writing space, and offers more features.

Don’t forget to utilize the monthly calendar too.

6. Legend Budget Planner

You’ll love this super stylish, leather planner book. Set your financial goals, do a monthly overview, track all your expenses on the designated tracker, and help identify your financial strengths and weaknesses.

7. Go Girl Pro Budget Planner

What I like about this budget planner is there is so much more to track. On top of tracking your expenses, monthly bills, and budgeting your money, track important dates, create a monthly to-do list, and so much more.

My Thoughts

Utilizing one of these budget planner books or using a money envelope system to save money is a great way to get your finances in order.

Whether you are trying to save a little bit of money or save a lot of money, creating a budget is going to help you achieve financial success.

Get excited that you are taking the right steps to find a method that works best for you. Some people need a visual and this does exactly that. Decide which option will work best for you and get going.

Start your journey to financial freedom today!

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