Let’s Collab

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Are you interested in...

- Writing a guest post for us?

- An opportunity to be featured in a post by A Wonderfully Imperfect Life?

- Offering a sponsored post?

- Looking to advertise on our blog?

...If so, I hope we can work together!

Looking to write a guest post? Pitch us your ideas!

If you check out A Wonderfully Imperfect Life, you’ll get a feel for what we are about. We are looking for articles that would compliment our site and be relevant to our audience.


If you pitch an idea that isn’t exactly what we are looking for, we can discuss options on how to tweak it in order for it to possibly work.

If you want to be considered to be featured in one of our upcoming posts, we would love to include you (and a link to your site)!

We are currently looking to feature one of your posts (and a featured photo from that post) about the following:

- Ways to Make Money
- Ways to Save Money
- Ways To Manage Money

This can be any topic as long as the point of the article is how to Make, Save, or Manage Money!

Our Requirements

Once we have agreed on a topic and what you will be writing about, please make sure you're meeting the following criteria.

For Guest Posts

  • Guest posts must be YOUR ORIGINAL CONTENT and not be posted anywhere else. This is an absolute.

  • Length is 1500+ words.

  • Short, clear paragraphs. We want it to be easy to read.

  • Must contain headings. Ex: H2/H3.

  • Must be edited for spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Have it SEO optimized. Ex: Short and Longtail keywords/phrases. Let me know what those are.

  • No affiliate links.

  • May include up to 3 links back to your website.

  • Must be written in a Word document and properly formatted.

  • Must be willing to share on all your social media

For Being Featured in Our Posts

  • The category you want to be considered for. 

  • The title of your article.

  • A direct link to the post. (We won’t search for it if you link to your homepage).

If we decide to feature your post, we will contact you.

Submissions for guest posts, being featured in our posts, sponsored posts or advertisement opportunities need to be sent to:

Amy (at) A Wonderfully Imperfect Life (dot) com