free printable worksheets for kids

Download Now: These Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

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I hope you enjoy these free printable worksheets for kids.

I’m always scanning the internet to find things for my older son to do to keep his screen time to a minimum. I know that if I’m doing that, other moms must be too.

That’s why I wanted to offer these free printables as a thank you for visiting my website.

I’ll continue to add freebies so be sure to check back.

Missing Letter Kids Activity Sheets

free printable worksheets for kids

My older son is learning to read and sound out words so that’s why I created these activity sheets. The pictures really help them along as they learn to spell.

These will allow your child to practice their spelling and sounding out words as well.

Rhyming Words Kid’s Activity Sheets

rhyming words activity sheets

I love watching my older son as he learns new words along with what makes words rhyming words.

Kids are so brilliant at this young age and seem to catch on so quickly. See how well your little one does with these rhyming words activity sheets.

Even if they don’t know the word, it’s cool to see them recognize the same letter pattern at the end of the word letting them know when words rhyme.

Trace the Letters Activity Sheets

trace letters kids worksheets

Learning to write is such a fun time for kids. It just shows how quickly they are growing up.

My son has a blast with these sheets. He constantly is printing them out and practicing writing his letters. You wouldn’t believe how proud he is afterward either.

Print these out for your little ones and watch them master writing their letters in no time.

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Math and Numbers Activity Sheets

I’ve had so much fun watching my older son learn more and more about numbers and math. He has truly enjoyed this subject and is always asking me to make it harder.

Enjoy these worksheets as your little ones expand their brains and show you exactly how smart they are.

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