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Download and Enjoy These Free Kid’s Activity Sheets With Your Littles

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Free Kid’s Activity Sheets

I’m always scanning the internet to find different kid’s activities to keep my little ones occupied.

I decided, why not just make my own? I decided to share all of these free kid’s activity sheets I made with you. I know how desperate we mamas are to keep our kiddos occupied.

Even more so to keep their screen time down.

Car Ride Scavenger Hunt Sheets

kids car ride scavenger hunt sheets free printables

My kids always love going for rides in the car. They are constantly pointing out the window and telling me everything they see. I figured, why not turn it into a game for them.

I created 2 free car scavenger hunt printables for your kids to enjoy on their next car ride too. It’s interesting to see how observant they really are.

Kid’s Summer Bucket List Sheets

kids summer bucket lists free printables

Summertime is the time of year I need to find an endless amount of activities for the kids. Not only am I trying to keep them occupied but I’m trying to keep their minds stimulated too.

I created these kid-friendly summertime bucket lists to give them something to look forward to.

It allowed them to make decisions about what they wanted to do while making it easy for me to be prepared for their choice. I had them decide a week out so I had time to plan accordingly if need be.

I thought I would share these with you to also help occupy your kids during those long summer months.

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Kids BINGO Sheets

These are super fun to play with the kids. They have some silly tasks on there and make for some really good laughs with the family.

I even included some ‘Parents Choice’ squares for you to make them do whatever you’d like. That can get interesting depending on how much you want to use your imagination or “torture” your kids. LOL!

This isn’t like a traditional BINGO game where 1 person will win. Each kid will get the same sheet. It’s designed just to get them to do silly things until they get 5 in a row.

Every kid playing will win as long as they complete the task. This is simply to create some great memories with them.

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The Story of You Kid’s Activity Sheets

the story of you kids activity sheets

This is a great activity to do with your little ones. These activity sheets will get your little one talking and expressing things they feel. It’s a great way to learn more about them in a fun way.

The cool thing too is that you can do these over and over just to see how much their answers change over time.

I hope you enjoy these free kid’s activity sheets as a thank you for visiting my site! Please enjoy and share with your friends too!

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