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17 Cheap Date Night Ideas at Home to Spend Less Money

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We all know the struggle of dating once you have kids. Whether it be with your longtime partner or you’re a single parent trying to get back in the dating pool, dating can be hard when your everyday focus is on the needs of your children. I’m so in love with my kids but I need to remind myself that my relationship matters too. 

What Should I Do for A Date Night at Home?

People are constantly looking for cheap date night ideas at home so they don’t have to break the bank trying to take their love out on a date. They wonder how can I make a cheap romantic night at home? Or, what can couples do for fun without money?

Trying to come up with creative things to do at home for much less money than a typical date can be difficult for some.

You may not have a creative mind or maybe you don’t think your other half will enjoy themselves. Trust me, the effort will show and will be very much appreciated. Dating on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

There are tons of things you can do but it’s a matter of finding something that you both will enjoy. I suggest trying to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Especially if it’s an at-home date that is saving you a bunch of money.

Read on to find a variety of ideas that might be good for you your spouse that still allows you to save money.

Play Truth or Dare

When was the last time you played a good ole fashion game of truth or dare?

Imagine how much fun it would be playing with your sweetie. You can dare each other to do completely goofy and ridiculous things reminding each other of how silly you truly can be together. Laughing together can truly reconnect you.

What about the ‘truth’ aspect of the game?

Are you ready to spill the beans on your deep dark secrets or even confess to things you may not want to admit? What a great way to know each other even better. Maybe you already know each other’s secrets.

If that’s the case, do the “would you rather” scenarios instead of truths. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you some examples.

I love asking my love these random questions.

  • Would you rather be deaf or blind?
  • Would you rahter be lost in the dessert or lost in Antartica?
  • Would you rather be able to hear someone’s every thoughts or be able to predict the future?

What creative “would you rather” questions can you come up with?

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Write Down All Your Desires

Have you ever written a love letter or shared all of your desires with your better half? What an easy way to stick to your savings plan while letting your significant other how much they are loved and how important they are to you.

Grab a notepad and a pen and start writing. Write a love letter confessing all the reasons you fell in love with them.

Shoot Hoops

shoot hoops with your significant other - cheap ate night ideas at home

Are you an active couple who likes a little competition? Get outside and shoot hoops together. If you don’t have a basketball net, head to the local park for some fun.

Play some 1-on-1 or H.O.R.S.E. and see who comes out on top. It’s a great way to get close and flirty with each other.

How Do You Play HORSE?

The object of the game is to essentially match the first player’s shot. If they do a layup or a free throw for example and make it, you must too. If they make it and you miss the shot, you get the letter H. They also get to take the first shot again. If you can’t mimic the shot and miss again, you then would get an O and so on.

If they make the shot and you make the same shot, you don’t get a letter and you get to make up the next shot. The same rules apply. If you make the shot and they don’t, they then would get an H and you get to make up the next shot. If you miss, then they get to make up the shot and so forth.

The first one to spell HORSE loses.

The point is to make up hard and goofy shots. Get creative and have fun. Try shooting them backward or through your legs and see just how good you guys are.

Have a Tasting Party

This is a great way to try something new or even learn more about what your partner likes and dislikes.

There are tons of ideas you could come up with here. Just some ideas could include:

  • cheese
  • craft beer
  • cupcakes
  • pastas
  • mac n cheese
  • vodka
  • donuts
  • breads
  • wine

Just to name a couple of ideas. Find things that will spark conversation and allow you to learn more about your spouse.

Don’t Get Out of Bed

Not to get too much into this one but hopefully, you catch the drift. Try something new and talk about what you like, and maybe more importantly, what you don’t like.

Maybe you have a new love language in the bedroom that you can explore more.

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Spa Day

Everyone loves to go to the spa to be pampered but why not try to recreate that same experience at home? You and your honey can pour some champagne and start your relaxing day off right.

The perfect spa day at home could include:

  • massaging each other
  • rubbing each other down with oil or lotion
  • putting on facial masks with cucumbers on your eyes
  • mani’s and pedi’s

Whatever you find to be relaxing, try it out. Having a spa day on a budget is possible and can allow you to get your hands on each other in a very sensual way.

Netflix and Chill

We know where this typically leads but make it a true movie night or binge a series you both are dying to see.

Go all out too!

Get the popcorn, candy, pop, and maybe a pizza delivered as well. How often do you really get to lay around and chill with your partner? I know for me, it’s not very often.

Parenthood takes precedence along with all the chores, cooking, and whatever else needs to be done on the daily.

Both of you go into one of your accounts and add 3 things you want to watch to the Watchlist. When you set your date, then you can decide together what you’re going to watch.

Who knows, maybe you both want to see the same thing?! If you can’t decide, flip a coin and go with it.

Watch the Sunset

This is one of our favorite things to do.

Grab a glass of wine, go grab a seat outside, or better yet, a spot you can cuddle up together, and just enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

I watched something recently that said something I found interesting. The sunset is a great reminder that even though it brings you darkness, the sun will shine again.

It makes me appreciate the sunset that much more as I find it a good time to reflect on life. Sometimes no words need to be spoken and just being in that moment together is enough.

Cook Together

Cook Dinner at home with your partner - cheap date ideas

This one can be a little harder to get your partner on board but once they do, it can be a blast.

When you cook with your spouse, you realize a lot of things. You ultimately are testing your communication and how well you can work together.

If it turns out to be a flop, don’t stress it. Focus on the time together and simply order in delivery. If you want some yummy recipe ideas, check out my Amazingly Delicious Garlic Pork Chops or my Super Yummy 5 Cheese Ziti Al Forno.

Both are super easy recipes so it will be hard to mess them up!

Get Active Outdoors

There are so many things you guys can do together to get active without breaking the bank. Some ideas include:

  • getting on the trampoline
  • working-out outside
  • hop in the pool
  • go ride bikes
  • take a walk in a new neighborhood
  • spice up the backyard
  • dance in the rain
  • go on a hike

Depending on where you live, depends on what activities you can easily do. There are plenty of free options to help you save more money and still get in quality time.

Tackle a Project on the To-Do List

I’m famous for having a long to-do list and everyone knows it. There is always a project to be done or something that needs to be fixed (especially with 2 young kids), and I don’t want him to always feel responsible to do it all on his own.

I famously will start something but then let him know that I can’t do anymore without his help. The inevitable stare he gives me is soon followed by, “what do you need me to do?” if he can’t figure it out himself.

Instead of taking my approach and trying to do it yourself and then getting stuck, plan to do something together. You can go get the supplies together as needed and work on the project from start to finish as a team. This is another great way to work on your communication.

Play Games

Playing games together is always a blast. Whether playing video games, board games, or card games, getting a little competitive with each other can be fun.

Up the anty and make bets. If you win, the other one has to take out the trash or cook dinner for the next week. Bet something you really don’t want to do or something you’d really enjoy watching your significant other doing instead.

One of my favorites is playing old-school video games. Nintendo, Sega, and Super Nintendo. Maybe toss in some Nintendo 64 too.

Yes, we still have all the original systems and games!

Star Gaze

couple star gazing - cheap date night ideas at home

Staring at the stars is one of my favorite things to do. We wait until the kids go to sleep, get up on the trampoline, and lay there looking up at the sky.

My love of course knows all of the constellations and anything relating to the solar system and I enjoy listening to him tell me everything he knows. I can hear the passion in his voice and I love it.

We also have a giant telescope that we drag out on certain nights when something big is supposed to happen. (He of course is aware of all those special dates.)

I let him find it and just let me know when it’s my turn to look. He usually has to explain what I’m looking at as well because half the time, I’m clueless.

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Theme Night

These are so much fun and another great cheap date night idea at home. I used to do them with my girlfriends on the regular and they were always a blast.

Some theme ideas include:

  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • 70’s, 80’s or 90’s

Everything we did was related to that theme. The food we ate, the music we listened to, the movies we might watch, the drinks we would make, the outfits we wore, everything!

It was so much fun and doing that with your partner can be just as enjoyable. Decide on a theme and have a blast.

Have a Picnic

Who said you had to leave your home to have a picnic? Grab the basket and pack it up like you typically would. Make your sandwiches, cut up your fruit, cheeses, or other snacks you prefer, find a bottle of wine and pack 2 glasses.

Find a spot in the backyard, bring a giant blanket or sheet to lay down and just enjoy each other. Talk, laugh, feed each other and get intimate with each other.

This is just one of those small gestures that makes a simple lunch or dinner that much more special.

Plan a Fancy Trip

This may be a trip you never go on, but wouldn’t it be fun to plan the dream vacation together?

Figure out:

  • where will you stay?
  • where will you eat?
  • what attractions are a must see?
  • are there new things for you to try?
  • what adventures can you go on?

Maybe this is a way to plant the seed to take this amazing trip that you have planned out to the smallest detail. Start saving and make it a reality.

It could be a trip for your next anniversary or maybe somewhere to renew your vows. Planning costs you nothing.

Have a Dance Party

couple dancing at home for a cheap date night idea

Who doesn’t love to dance? Well, my guy doesn’t but that doesn’t mean we can’t be silly together in the privacy of our home.

You might be pulling teeth to get him up and moving but once you do, the spark is amazing! I can be cooking and he will come up behind me, spin me around and we start dancing on the spot.

Have a playlist ready to go with all types of music and see what moves you each have to offer.

  • Who’s the better dancer?
  • Who can last longer?
  • Whose moves match the music the best?

Have fun and see where the night takes you. Maybe you start with disco and end with the tango in the bedroom.

My Thoughts

No matter what you decide to do for your special money saving date, just make sure the two of you are having fun. This list of cheap date night ideas at home is supposed to spark ideas for the two of you to simply enjoy each other and get in some quality time.

Dating your partner should never stop no matter your financial circumstances. You may not have the funds for big, elaborate dates but get creative.

The biggest takeaway is to find ways to continue to bond and grow as a couple. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do that either. Use these money-saving ideas to keep the spark alive.

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