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What You Need to Know About Car Advertisements for Money and 7 Companies Willing to Pay You

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What do you know about car advertisements for money? Have you ever considered having your car wrapped to create a residual income without doing any extra work?

Do you think you meet the minimum requirements these companies have to immediately start making money on a monthly basis?

Look how easy it is to earn additional income for yourself by doing nothing more than what you do every day… drive!

What Does Car Wrapping Mean?

Car wrapping is the placement of ads on a vehicle.

They can range from rear-window decals to covering small sections of a vehicle to having the entire vehicle covered in ads.

Installers use vinyl that is placed on different panels on the vehicle transforming it into a giant advertisement on wheels.

When Did Car Advertising Begin?

Car advertisements first started back in February 1900. Milton Hershey painted his brand on the side of his vehicle as a form of advertising.

Other people followed suit by using paint to place ads on cars for the next two decades.

It wasn’t until the 1920s when vinyl was accidentally created by Goodrich. Funny enough, that “accident” is still used to this day. Also, it’s still the preferred product used for car advertisements due to its flexibility and durability.

How Exactly Does Car Wrapping Work?

Wrapping is the process of applying high-grade vinyl to a vehicle for the purpose of advertising a specific company or brand.

The wraps have become more popular among drivers because they aren’t permanent so people are open to the idea of signing up to become drivers for these advertisement companies as a means to make easy money.

They also can easily be removed without any damage to the vehicle. If maintained properly, they can usually last up to five years before needing to be replaced.

Just be sure to have this done by professionals in order to maintain the integrity of the paint on your car. It’s not worth ruining your vehicle just to earn a little bit of extra money.

Can You Really Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car?

The short answer is yes!

People are always wondering whether car advertisements for money are really legit and I’m here to tell you they are.

Will they make you rich? No, but they can put a nice chunk of change in your bank account every month just for driving around like you normally would.

Here is another way to look at it. It could cover the cost of gas, car insurance, car maintenance, or even your car payment.

Your income potential can vary greatly depending on how much you drive.

What is Car Rooftop Advertising?

Even though car wraps can be put on and taken off a vehicle without damaging it, some people still aren’t comfortable placing them on their cars.

Rooftop advertising is another option available to those drivers.

Keep in mind too, these ads can also be placed on your car along with having your car wrapped. Why not maximize your potential income and do both to earn more money?

make money with car advertisements

How Much Can You Make Having Advertisements Placed on Your Car?

Every company is going to vary on what they are willing to pay you but it can range anywhere from $50-$400/month on average. In some cases, you could even make more.

How Do These Companies Determine How Much They Pay You?

One of the main factors that they consider when determining how much people get paid is how much they drive.

The more exposure the ads are getting, the more money you can make per month.

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, this is a great way to create a passive income while you’re already making money driving customers around.

Personally, I love to make extra money on the side without having to give up my spare time or weekends.

Car Wrapping Scams and How to Spot Them

Scams are inevitable. You need to know what to look for when trying to finding a reputable company to work with.

Key things to look for when deciding on a reputable company will include:

  • a formal application process
  • there should be no fees or sign up costs
  • they require you to have a clean driving record
  • they require you to have car insurance
  • they pay to have your car wrapped and to have it removed

These are all things that let you know whether you are working with a legitimate company or not.

If you have a bad feeling about it or it doesn’t seem right, follow your gut. You’re probably right.

Also, feel free to look up the companies on the Better Business Bureau. If there have been any complaints or issues with the company, you are sure to find out via the BBB.

What Companies Pay You to Advertise on Your Vehicle?

There’s a variety of companies willing to pay you to advertise on your car. Each one of them is going to have its own set of rules and pay grades.

Let’s go through a few of them and check them out more in-depth to see if they might be a good fit for you to make some extra cash.


Carvertise is one of the most well-known car advertising agencies. They work side by side with national brands to match them with the right drivers.

Carvertise asks a variety of questions to potential drivers to learn where they live, what their driving habits are, and anything else that will help match them to the best brands.

Once matched with the right brands they will pay to have the ads placed on your vehicle by professionals and at the end of the campaign, they will pay them to be removed.

There is no cost to you to sign up to become a driver or to have the ads put on and taken off your vehicle.

car advertisements for money

What are the Requirements to Become a Driver for Carvertise?

– Drive at least 30 miles /day
– Have a clean driving record
– Own a 2008 model car or newer
– Factory finish paint job

How Much Does Carvertise Pay?

As stated on their website, drivers can earn anywhere from $300-$1200 per campaign.

The pay is going to vary depending on the brand, how much you drive, and the duration of the campaign.

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How Long is a Carvertise Campaign?

Most campaigns usually last a couple of months. Again, these are going to vary so expect any given campaign duration to last anywhere from 1-6 months on average but sometimes up to 1 year.

Know too that you will be paid monthly. So even if you are being paid a set amount for a campaign, it will be broken down into a monthly payment you will receive via direct deposit.

How Do I Sign Up to Become a Driver for Carvertise?

Head over to their website and fill out the form to get the application process started.


How Do You Qualify for Wrapify?

The cool thing about working with Wrapify is there are no set requirements to sign up.

They don’t have a set minimum daily mileage requirement or a set perimeter of guidelines for vehicles. They assess each individual vehicle to see if it is fit for ad placement.

Once you are signed up, you will receive potential offers via the app when they become available in your area.

how to make your car an advertisement

How Much Can You Make With Wrapify?

Wrapify provides estimates of what you can make on a monthly basis based on how much of your car is wrapped.

Based on their website, here are the monthly estimates Wrapify says you can make:

  • Full wrap coverage – $264 – $452*
  • Partial wrap coverage – $196 – $280*
  • Lite wrap coverage – $181 – $280*
  • Static+ rideshare topper – $174 – $280*

*per month estimate

There will be other factors to determine your final monthly income based on their set requirements.

Does Wrapify Damage Paint on Your Car?

There is no damage to the paint on your car as long as it is the factory paint.

Wrapify will assess your vehicle prior to applying any type of wrap to determine whether Wrapify is right for you.

Even though they may approve your application that doesn’t mean they can guarantee your car won’t potentially become damaged from the ad wraps.

The reason for this is based on:

  • existing rust spots
  • paint touch-ups due to previous accidents or other causes of damage
  • non-factory paint jobs
  • overall number of dents, chips, and scratches in the paint

How Much Does Wrapify Cost?

There is a $0 cost to you.

Wrapify is free to sign up for. Also, there is no cost to you for having the ads placed on your vehicle or to have them removed.

The only time you would incur a fee would be if you cancel a contract before it ends. You would then be required to pay an early termination fee.

How Do I Sign Up to Become a Driver for Wrapify?

Head over to their website and start by filling out a simple online form or download their app to get started.

Free Car Media

How Does Free Car Media Work?

Free Car Media is all about your application. They insist you take your time filling it out because it will ultimately determine whether you are picked for campaigns when they become available in your area.

What are the Requirements to Work With Free Car Media?

They surprisingly have a long list of requirements. I took a screenshot from their website (taken 11-25-20) just to show you what would be required if you decide to work with them.

This does really show the extent they go to in order to screen their applicants.

How Much Can You Make With Free Car Media?

Based on their website, you can make anywhere from $50/month for a rear window decal up to $400/month for a full car wrap.

Where Can I Fill Out an Application to Become a Driver for Free Car Media?

Fill out your application on their site to get started. They are currently looking for people to place decals on their rear window.

They will mail them to you with instructions on how you can place them on your vehicle yourself. This will pay you about $50/month.

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What is Firefly Advertisement?

Firefly advertisements are a little different from the other car wrapping companies mentioned above.

Firefly is focused on advertising on car rooftops. They use their own proprietary product that integrates wifi to bring the most advanced advertising technology atop their driver’s vehicles.

This allows them to change the ads digitally via the internet instead of having you bring your car in to have them manually changed.

How Much Does Firefly Pay?

Firefly is said to pay drivers an average of $300/month. Definitely not a bad paycheck for driving around anyway.

Who Can Drive for Firefly?

Currently, Firefly is only interested in professional drivers that drive 30+ hours/week. That includes taxi companies and ride-share companies such as Uber and Lyft.

This is also only a viable option if you live in a major city. These include but are not limited to San Francisco, Miami, New York, and Dallas.

How Can I Become a Drive for Firefly?

If you are a professional driver and would like to create another stream of income for yourself, check out their site and start the application process.

Other Car Wrap & Car Advertising Companies

The other honorable mentions include:

These companies operate in a similar matter along with following similar policies like the above companies.

I’d rather not be redundant so I’ve linked to all the companies for you to check them out yourself.

My Thoughts

Keep in mind that you have the final say over your vehicle. If you no longer want to participate in using your car for advertising, just stop. Just be sure to wait until the end of any campaign you are participating in so you don’t have to pay an early termination fee.

Using car advertisements for money is great for anyone driving a lot of miles and doesn’t mind having ads placed all over their vehicle.

Even though not every company has a minimum requirement of miles needed to be driven, the more you drive, the higher your potential earnings.

Try it out and see how much money you can earn.

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