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5 Different and Completely Free 52-Week Money Challenge Printables For Those on a Budget

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Finding a savings plan that fits your budget is key to being successful with your 52-week savings challenge.

Here you are going to find a variety of 52-week money challenge printables. Hopefully, these help you get on track to start stacking up a pile of cash in your savings account.

How Much Do You Save Doing the 52-Week Challenge?

Typically when people talk about the 52-week savings challenge, they are talking about a savings plan that you save the same dollar amount as what week it is in the year.

For example, during week 16 of any given year, you would save $16. During week 43, you would save $43 and so on.

When you follow this type of savings plan, you end up saving $1,378 in 1 year.

Monthly Savings Challenge

Given that everyone has different budgets and not everyone is able to save the same amount, I created a variety of printable savings plans so you can find one that best fits your financial situation.

Find one that works for you and feel free to print it out for your own use. If your financial situation changes, just come back and find a different savings plan that works better as your situation changes.

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What is the 30-Day Money Challenge?

The 30-day money challenge is saving large sums of money in a 30-day time frame. Some try to save $500, $1,000, and even more than that in a month.

Given the times we are currently in, I don’t think most people are in a position to attempt those more aggressive savings plans.

I do plan on providing more savings plan printables so continue to look for more.

Who are These Savings Plan Printables Best for?

The short answer is everyone.

These 5 free printables are really great for anyone starting out with saving money or anyone trying to rebuild after this pandemic that has wiped even the most avid savers clean.

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How Do I Print These Free Printables?

As I said, these are completely free for you to use so simply right-click on the picture so you can save it to your computer and print it out when you’re ready to get started. (Make sure you set it to landscape mode before hitting the print button.)

These are 30-day printables. What that means is you will use the same sheet for all 12 months.

I broke it down daily because sometimes it’s easier for people to save money when they see a single-digit amount.

I know that may not make sense to everyone but it’s a trick to play on your mind that makes it seem much easier to accomplish the goal at hand.

If you aren’t one to have cash on hand to save daily, I will also share the monthly amount that needs to be saved to reach the same goal.

52-Week Money Challenge Printables

How to Save $500 in 1 Year

52-week savings challenge 2020

or $42/month.

How to Save $1,000 in 1 Year

52-week savings plan printables

or $84/month.

How to Save $1,500 in 1 Year

monthly savings challenge

or $125/month.

How to Save $2,000 in 1 Year

30 day money challenge

or $167/month.

How to Save $2,500 in 1 Year

52 week money challenge printables 2020

or $209/month.

My Thought

The fact that you’re trying to save money is great. I’m not going to try and preach that you need to be saving “X” amount of dollars in order to reach financial success.

Everyone is at different stages of their life and in completely different financial situations. Who am I to tell you how much to save? I give props to anyone trying to put money aside. No matter what you’re saving it for.

Practicing these savings habits is great because you’re taking a step in the right direction.

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